Sewing My Very First Outfit

Hello World!

I am so happy and proud to talk to you about this enormous accomplishment Ive made! I mean I feel like I’ve done something that was beyond what I actually thought I could do! I actually created some clothes from scratch!

I’m sure that for you that may not seem like much, but for me it is the most amazing thing. I have followed influencers who sew and create their own clothes for years, and I’m always a bit envious about how well and effortlessly they can create garments that fit them perfectly because they are basically custom made for their bodies. Imagine everything in your closet being made specifically to your body measurements. For me, that is IDEAL!

Basically, after following others for years, I’ve decided that I want to start making my own clothes. I love nice clothes, but I feel I often don’t feel free to accurately express myself because of fits and sizing issues.

I signed up for Mimi G Style’s Sew It Academy. It offers a monthly subscription to learn all the skills to be able to design and create your own wardrobe and fashion. So far, I’ve sewn eyeglasses cases, a tote bag, an earpod/coin purse, and my maternity outfit. Because I know youre dying to see it, Here it is:

My two-piece maternity outfit created by me, following the instruction of Mimi G, from Mimi G Style’s Sew It Academy. My first garment project. 10/2020

Isn’t it just beautiful? I love the way the fabric drapes and flows. Its very lightweight, but the length and coverage makes it great for warm or cool weather. You want to know the best part? It is SO comfortable! I mean it fits my body so great! I can get used to a made-to-size wardrobe!

Reflecting on how it feels to sew a garment

The next project has me even more excited than this one. We will be sewing a pair of leggings to size, and judging by the way she has us taking measurements, Ill be able to also make a pair of those with maternity comforts in mind! I love a good pair of leggings that fits right. Ill be going to select the fabric tomorrow. I’m going to aim for a knit with a great recovery. one of my pet peeves with maternity leggings is the belly support “pouch” always winds up drooping. I feel that’s a fabric quality issue.

I cant wait to update you on how my next project goes! It may be a few days because the course I’m currently in is teaching me qabout the knit fabrics that will be used to create the leggings. Trust and believe as soon as those leggings are done, you’ll be the first to know!

Until next time! Bye.

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