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The Most Valuable Tool in My Laundry Arsenal: The Seasonal Wardrobe Change

Okay, so, you know I’m a SAHM. With that glorious title does come some responsibilities. One of the most tedious is the laundry. I mean, there always some dirty clothes to be washed, amiright?! We are now a family of 5, and the laundry is more plentiful than ever. Given the time of year and the addition of dirty clothing, I knew there was only one thing I could do to prevent our home from turning into the Rocky Mountains of dirty (or clean and unfolded, which eventually become dirty) clothes.

My first time trying the seasonal wardrobe change was last year. It was also kind of on accident. I got so overwhelmed with the amount of laundry laying around in my house I just began to dump it into large bags to toss out of my life. I quickly realized that with fewer clothes, laundry didn’t seem so overwhelming. This year i am being more deliberate with my intentions. I am changing the clothes of all 5v of our family memebrs with specific attention to make sure we have high quality, weather appropriate pieces in our wardrobe for the colder seasons.

I love the seasonal wardrobe change because its kind of like dropping dead weight right off your shoulders. People don’t realize just how many clothes can be amassed in one season of the year.

Laundry, like everything else, is abundant in La Casa Carmona

I haven’t quite perfect the process of changing out all the clothes. Last year I just angrily dumped clothes into a trash bag because I was fucking frustrated. This year, using the trash bag method *modified*, I am tossing clothes into the bag as they come around on the laundry schedule. This means that as I fold and put away clean laundry, i am putting the clothes that we will not use during the cold season into the bag for storage once the rotation is complete. I am not sure how well it will work, but I have decided that’s how I am going to do it, and that’s what I am going to stick with.

I am looking forward to the process because I am feeling more confident about the change this year that last.

How it’s going so far

I will have to update you on my progress as the journey continues. It’s going to take me a while considering I just had a baby a week ago.

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Day 1 With 3 Kids…

Today was the first day of an exciting new chapter of my life. I woke up today with three children in my life. With no idea what to expect, and a lot of physical challenge with recovery from labor & delivery, I was excited to move into my first day as a mom of 3.

On December 3rd, I delivered my third child via cesarean at 7:52pm. My body was convulsing and I was having doubts (although it was a little late at the time) about having another baby. What kind of effort will this really take?

My 6 year old talked incessantly. My two year old cried just as much. The baby was constantly calling, and I quickly realized that this will take a lot of patience and love.

My daughters on their first day as a trio.

The day was challenging, but teamwork prevailed. My husband and mother in law took on the majority of the weight as I stayed with the baby for most of the day. Creating time for the older two to visit with their younger sister was important and it proved to be a great strategy for letting the girls get to know each other. It was so much fun seeing them smile and stare into those little eyes.

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Why I’ve Decided to Stop Venting to Friends

Before I get started, let me just say I love my friends. I have a very small circle, and each and every one of them are phenomenal women who truly enhance my life experience… but I decided that I’ve gotta stop talking to them when I’m feeling upset and need to vent.

No, its not them. Its me.

Lets start by getting a standing definition of venting, because its come to my attention that some people don’t use this term. Venting is when you have heavy negative emotions (like anger, irritation, hopelessness, disgust, etc.), and you just want to talk to someone about ALL OF IT. You want to start at the very beginning of it and go over every detail of whats been upsetting you. Usually, if your friend is wanting to be a “good” friend, they’ll just sit there on the couch or on the other end of the phone and listen to you (sometimes for hours) without interrupting. The point of venting is to “get it all off your chest” so that you can feel better. Therein lies the problem:

I almost NEVER feel better after venting.

Now there has been the rare occasion- THE VERY RARE OCCASION- when I have vented to a friend who is in a particularly centered state and can guide my focus from feeling bad to feeling better. That’s the IDEAL outcome from a venting sesh, but, unfortunately, that’s also rarely the outcome. This sort of theraputic responsibility that we place upon our friends when we want to vent to them is a LOT to ask of someone. First, they would need to be what I call aligned with their inner self before they could be any use to you for helping with emotional navigation. Usually this isnt the case, so what happens is you dump all of your issues and gripe onto your friend who is dealing with her own issues. This leads to the perpetuation of complaining, pointing out more problems, and never really coming to solutions that feel good.

No, I’m not calling out every person in the world who vents, because we all do it at one point or another. I’ve just decided that I wont be doing it anymore.

I’ve decided that I’m not going to vent anymore because I want to find more constructive and powerful ways of dealing with negative emotions.

Its not easy to not vent to friends, though, and its also hard to stay centered and aware when a friend is venting to me. The emotion of it all! What I do know is I’m committing myself to handling emotions better and encouraging those around me to do the same!

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Sewing My Very First Outfit

Hello World!

I am so happy and proud to talk to you about this enormous accomplishment Ive made! I mean I feel like I’ve done something that was beyond what I actually thought I could do! I actually created some clothes from scratch!

I’m sure that for you that may not seem like much, but for me it is the most amazing thing. I have followed influencers who sew and create their own clothes for years, and I’m always a bit envious about how well and effortlessly they can create garments that fit them perfectly because they are basically custom made for their bodies. Imagine everything in your closet being made specifically to your body measurements. For me, that is IDEAL!

Basically, after following others for years, I’ve decided that I want to start making my own clothes. I love nice clothes, but I feel I often don’t feel free to accurately express myself because of fits and sizing issues.

I signed up for Mimi G Style’s Sew It Academy. It offers a monthly subscription to learn all the skills to be able to design and create your own wardrobe and fashion. So far, I’ve sewn eyeglasses cases, a tote bag, an earpod/coin purse, and my maternity outfit. Because I know youre dying to see it, Here it is:

My two-piece maternity outfit created by me, following the instruction of Mimi G, from Mimi G Style’s Sew It Academy. My first garment project. 10/2020

Isn’t it just beautiful? I love the way the fabric drapes and flows. Its very lightweight, but the length and coverage makes it great for warm or cool weather. You want to know the best part? It is SO comfortable! I mean it fits my body so great! I can get used to a made-to-size wardrobe!

Reflecting on how it feels to sew a garment

The next project has me even more excited than this one. We will be sewing a pair of leggings to size, and judging by the way she has us taking measurements, Ill be able to also make a pair of those with maternity comforts in mind! I love a good pair of leggings that fits right. Ill be going to select the fabric tomorrow. I’m going to aim for a knit with a great recovery. one of my pet peeves with maternity leggings is the belly support “pouch” always winds up drooping. I feel that’s a fabric quality issue.

I cant wait to update you on how my next project goes! It may be a few days because the course I’m currently in is teaching me qabout the knit fabrics that will be used to create the leggings. Trust and believe as soon as those leggings are done, you’ll be the first to know!

Until next time! Bye.

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I’m Pregnant… AGAIN!

Ooops! I did it again!

I’m 33 weeks pregnant with my third child. How scary is that?! I know, I know it’s supposed to be wonderful and a celebration. It’s all of that for me, but the honest truth is that it’s also pretty scary for me.

My girls on a nature trail landscaping

It’s a little scary because first of all this year has been CRAZY. LETS BE REAL. Everyone is angry about politics, fearful of Covid-19, or both! Not to mention we still have our own personal circumstances to deal with! How many people saw their finances change dramatically this year because of the economic shutdown that resulted from this “pandemic”? I’ll wait. How many divorces came from everyone being home constantly together? I don’t even mean to imply that spending more time with one’s significant other leads inevitably to divorce or breakup, but I do want to highlight that we went from being perpetually busy people to having NOTHING to do. It affected how people interacted.

I’m starting my blog late in my pregnancy as I am 33 weeks pregnant right now. This has been the pregnancy with the least level of activity. I’ve been in the house, sitting and sleeping a lot, and my body reflects those changes. The back pain is serious. I wouldnt worry much about it, but this is also the first pregnancy I’ve gone through where the majority of the pregnancy I didn’t have insurance and couldn’t see the OBGYN. Imagine my heartache when they sent me their certified letter telling me that they are dropping me as a patient because Im not following procedures they set for pregnancy. >:-(

Why This Pregnancy May Be The LAST

They say each pregnancy is different, and Im cool with that.

My first pregnancy was so easy myOB proclaimed me the “posterchild of pregnancy”. I mean I was working as a full time teacher, officiating high school basketball part time, and playing sand volleyball until I was about 8 and a half months pregnant! Any woman who has been pregnant full term knows that is some wild shit. I was going HARDT!

My second pregnancy was interesting because I actually lost a lot of strength and mobility in my right leg during the pregnancy. I don’t know the cause, but I have always suspected it has something to do with the epidural I got during my first delivery. It was a long journey restrengthening my leg, and I dont believe it ever truly reached 100% after that.

This pregnancy started the same way. My right leg went so weak I would fall often. It was quite discouraging for me for a long time. Finally I decided Im going to stay mobile and try healing my leg with my brain power. You may be chuckling to yourself right now, but it worked. My leg has regained so much strength at this point, and its constantly getting stronger. There was a time where it would just give out from under me when standing or walking, now I can actually jog as heavy and round as I am!

On my leg complications

I’m happy with the results, and I am enjoying my curvy pregnant body. If you check out my Facebook page’s “My Pregnancy Journey” story highlights, you can see my journey from when I found out I was pregnant. You’ll be able to see photos of me from about 8 weeks to how I look currently. I go look at it all the time and it always makes me emotional because it has been challenging to be pregnant in such a tumultuous world and society. Check it out and let me know what you think!

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I Decided to Learn to Sew

I mentioned before that I am on the quest to find what my true passions are what my true purpose is. Sewing is one of those activities that always lights a fire under me. It gets me excited. I feel so good after I sew something (especially an article of clothing that I’m able to wear afterwards), so I am really excited about getting to learn the art of sewing.

I am learning to sew with a membership to the Sew It Academy which is created by Mimi G style. She has a super popular blog that she started with being a seamstress, and just seeing the fashions that she posts and puts out is so inspirational. I love wearing beautiful clothing, so what better than to make it?!

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The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


I am really excited to be starting this blog and the journey of creating an outlet and platform to connect with people around the world! As I stated before, I do intend to share my journey with learning to sew, styling my children’s beautiful hair, and trying new recipes for my family. We will be incorporating more travel into our lives in the coming year, and I am really excited to share all of the places that I am going to visit as well as everything that I learned about different cultures and different areas around the world.

Right now things are really out of whack and it is a very trying time in our world. I believe there’s still plenty of love and plenty of adventure and fun to be had.

While I do intend to share my journey, I also intend to make connections with you and all of my readers and build a community of fun loving creative‘s who interact and who enjoy each other’s company. I look forward to getting to know you!

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